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    Our airplane is a (fast-build) kit plane, a Velocity XL with fixed gear. Check out our Blog (by clicking the Blog button on the top bar), our flights, or our builder's log from the menu bar on the left-hand side of this page! It took us just under 6 years to build, and we have about 100 hours flying time logged on it. For more information on the Velocity aircraft or Kit, check out our "About" section on Velocity, or visit the factory's website.

    Velocity builders and pilots should register to gain access to exclusive content. The site is best viewed in FireFox, but is acceptable in IE8. This site, and it's content, are not part of Velocity Aircraft Inc. and no information contained here is endorsed by or represents the factory. Click on any image on the site for a large version. Welcome to the site of Brett and Elizabeth Szoke Ferrell's Velocity!

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    We lose Carlos

    We got the sad news today that our canard-loving friend Carlos had finally lost his on-again off-again battle with cancer. Some day I hope none of will have to count the loved ones we've lost to cancer, but not... read more
    bferrell 11/22/2015, 09:22 PM
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