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    by Published on 04/23/2010 09:58 AM

    So I'm a bit OCD when it comes to some things. There are some things that I've done to the hangar that are just for me. Sure they have some usefullness, but they just make it feel "professional" to me. To that end, I've labelled the field's frequencies on both sides of the pilot's lounge/shop door for easy tuning. I've also properly mounted my fire extinguishers and mounted signs over them in the event (heaven forbid) we ever have a fire. Overkill? Sure, but it makes me feel good. Oh, and the lounge got a major upgrade as Dave Gallagher (a local Zodiac 601 builder/flyer) was looking for a home for his home office corner desk. He thought it would look good in my office, and I had to agree.

    Pilot's lounge in hangar 15I

    Pilot's lounge desk and chair

    Hangar and shop now sport the AWOS and CTAF frequencies on doors


    The hangar is fully equipped with fire extinguishers

    Fire Protection
    by Published on 03/21/2010 10:04 AM

    The weather finally warmed up enough on a weekend that we wanted to open the doors. So we decided to start installing our brushes to keep the birds and peebles out of the hangar. We haven't gotten any visitors yet here, but the birds were a constant problem in the old hangar. Also, Bob and Jerry's hangar is not insulated. In order to keep air flow whistling through, and for future painting (to keep it from flowing into other's hangars), we're adding spray foam under and above the walls to seal them.

    New aviation scanner and FM radio installed in shop, I'd like to add speakers in the hangar later

    Hangar radio
    by Published on 01/31/2010 11:31 AM   

    Before Bob cut the holy crap out of his hand installing the new light switch on his hangar, he finished putting up the fiberglass spool rails. This is a copy of what the Brainards did in their shop, and will be nicer than what we've had in the past. This keeps the glass out of the way, while keeping it handy, and keeping the dust off of it to a certain degree all at the same time. Elizabeth also let me get a nice new full size tool chest. I've been using a hand-me-down that was pretty decent when we started the project, but was always a little small, and started to rust really badly.

    Retractable fiberglass storage reels

    Fiberglass Storage Rails

    New Kobalt tool box

    New Toolbox
    by Published on 01/20/2010 09:34 AM

    The shop is one of the best aspects of this (rather time-consuming) hangar move. The office is a full 1/2 of a standard T hangar, pre insulated and air conditioned, with a exterior door as well as one to the hangar side. As I mentioned in the electric section, it was pre-wired with a bunch of circuits from when the jump club used it as a small diner. We've installed a glass-cutting table and epoxy hot box, heating, our drill press and band saw, grinder, and some heavy-duty shelving so we can get everything organized. We're in the process of adding additional bolt small parts boxes to make everything easy to get to.

    We add lots of homey touches, too, like a microwave and refriderator, a latex glove holder, hot box with epoxy pump, rolling parts and tool carts, and an easy clean-up alcohol pump.

    Parts storage and bolt bins

    Storage and bolt bins

    More storage and glass cutting table

    Storage and cutting table

    Work table

    Fridge and Mic

    Parts Storage

    Bolt Storage

    Rolling Cart

    Glove Holder

    Hot Box

    Alcohol Pump

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